1. For new users, start the process by clicking on 'Apply' from the menu.
    • On the registration page, fill in some basic information about yourself and click on the 'Continue' button to get started
  2. Login to the website by clicking on 'Login' from the menu.
    • On the login page, supply your Phone number and password and click on 'Login'
    • Note that your surname is your default password. This can be changed later
  3. After logging in using any of the two steps above, you are required to go through the process in stages, using the links supplied on the menu.
  4. Use the 'Update passpport' link to upload your passport photograph. Note that your passport is required to not be more than 25KB in size, having a plain background with your face showing properly.
  5. After uploading your passport, you are required to select the programme you wish to aply for and then proceed to make payment.
  6. You are to pay with your ATM card on the portal.
  7. You will be redirected to the the application form after paying.
  8. Note that you can stop the process at any point and continue at a later time.
  9. If you encounter any challenges, send an email to portal@kwaracails.com.

Apply or Login