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In the words of the pioneers Provost of Kwara State College of Education of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies, Ilorin , LATE Prof Musa Ali Ajetunmobi: “It should be recalled that at its inception in 1992, the college tool off with only four programmmes (DAI, DAIH, DAIY, SCLF)”. This means that the college originally took off with four programmes namely:

  1. Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies (DAI)
  2. Diploma in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Hausa (DAIH)
  3. Diploma in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Yoruba (DAIY)
  4. Diploma in Shariah and Common Law (DSCL)

However, there have been remarkable development and improvement over the years. What used to be four programmes at inception has metamorphosed into many additional programmes. With expansion in its academic programmes, the College was beset with the challenges of focusing and re-aligning with mandate of its enabling law. The manner f over-throwing the mandate of the tertiary institutions in the State off the board, under the presence of drive for internally generated revenue became worrisome to the Government: hence, the appointment of a committee on rationalization of academic programmes all he institutions.. Therefore, in 2007/2008 academic session there was a revisit of the existing programmes with a view to refocus them with the man mandate of the College and introduction of new ones thereafter. After necessary re-alignment the College sought approval of the State Government through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2009 academic session to run the programmes as they exist presently. Today, at twenty years, the following are the programmes offered on school basis:

  1. Diploma in Mass Communication and Islamic Studies
  2. Diploma in Mass Communication and History
  3. Diploma in Mass Communication and Hausa
  4. Diploma in Mass Communication and Yoruba
  5. Diploma in Mass Communication and Arabic
  6. Diploma in Hausa and Islamic Studies
  7. Diploma in History and Islamic Studies
  8. Diploma in Islamic Studies and Yoruba
  9. Diploma on Arabic and History
  10. Diploma in English and Islamic Studies
  11. Diploma in Hausa and History
  12. Diploma in History and Yoruba.

It should be noted that in the past, Mass Communication and Library used to be independent programme of studies until the state government directed that the programmes be regulated to meet the enabling law of he college. Hence, presently we have Mass Communication and Librar Science being combined with Islamic Studies, Arabic or Yoruba. This is also applicable to Computer Science, which wqas introduced n 2009/2010 academic session.

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