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Governing Councils


For the smooth administration of the College, the State Government established a Council known as the Council of the College of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies, Ilorin. Subject to the provision of the College Law, the Council shall be the governing body of the College having responsibility for the general supervision and control of the College including control of the property and finances of the College amongst other functions.

Panoramic Overview of the Appointment Governing Councils for the College since Inception.

Following the establishment of the College in 1992 and backed up with Law N0. 5 of 1993, the College was empowered to discharge its statutory functions as a Tertiary Institutions. Part of the instruments for smooth administration of the college is to constitute a Governing Council to oversee its affairs on behalf of the State Governor who is the College visitor.

Unfortunately, the Civilian Government of Alh Muhammed Shaba Lafiagi that established the College was truncated by Military coup and it was unable to constitute the Governing council for the new College. Therefore, the Military Regime that took over the power promulgated no edict in 1994 to amend section 6 of the College Law. This amendment empowered the Government to appoint Sole Adminisrator for the College in place of a Governing Council. Consequently, Alhaji Abdullahi AbdulHameed, the Imam of Ilorin was appointed as the Sole Administration to perform the functions of the Governing Council of the College between 1994-1997. He was succeeded in 1997 by a substantive Governing Council.

First Governing Council: June, 1997-May, 1999. i. His Royal Highness, Dr. Haliru Ndanusa Yahaya, the Etsu of Tsonga - Chairman. ii. Alh. Y.K Jimoh, University of Ilorin - Member. iii. Hajia F.N Oniyangi (Retired Civil Servant) - Member. iv. Alh. Abdullahi Shola (Retired Civil Servant) - Member. v. Alh. Usman Abubakar Yusuf - Member. vi. Dr. A.Y Abdulkareem (Unilorin) - Member. vii. Alh. I.A Ibrahim (Retired Director) - Member. viii. Prof. Musa Ajetunmobi (Provost) - Member. ix. Justice Abdullahi Abdulkareem (Rep. SCA) - Member. x. Dr. A.F.S Ahmed(Rep, MOE) - Member. xi. Dr. Mukhtair A. Yusuf (Rep. Vice Chancellor, BUK) - Member. xii. Lawyer Abdul-Mumini J.A. (Rep. MOJ) - Member. xiii. Mallam Isa, Ahmed (Acad-stall Rep.) - Member. xiv. Alh. Manzuma Mohammed (Registrar) - Secretary.

Second Governing Council: May 2000- August, 2001. The College got its second Governing Council in May 2000 constituted by the Civilian Government of Late Alh. Muhammed Alabi Lawal with the following membership. i. Alh. Ibrahim Adisa Zubair (Magaji Are of Ilorin) - Chairman. ii. Dr. Badmas Lanre Yusuf - Member. iii. Alh. Sha’aba Jimada - Member. iv. Hajia Muslimah Kamaldeen - Member. v. Alh. Wahab Olojoku - Member. vi. Alh. Mukadam M. Yusuf - Member. vii. Alh. I.A Ibrahim - Member. viii. Prince Abdul Oyeniyi - Member. ix. Mal. Nadji Mohammed Gede - Member. x. Late Prof. Musa Ali Ajetunmobi (Provost) - Member. xi. Alh. AbdulRahim Ibrahim (Rep. SCA) - Member. xii. Dr. A.F.S Ahmed (Rep. MOE) - Member. xiii. Lawyer AbdulMumini J.A. (Rep MOJ) - Member. xiv. Alh. Manzuma Mohammed (Registry) - Member.

Third Governing Council: September, 2002-June, 2003. i. Alh. Muhammed Jamiu Imam - Chairman ii. Prince Abdul-Hammed Oyeniyi - Member iii. Mal. Okanbi Muhammed - Member iv. Alh. Wahab Olojoku - Member v. Alh. Mukadam Muhammed Yusuf - Member vi. Mal. Musa Baba - Member vii. Hajia Muslimah Kamaldeen - Member viii. Mal. Oladele Imam - Member ix. Dr. Badmas Lanre Yusuf (Provost) - Member x. Alh. Zakari Muhammed (Rep. MOE) - Member xi. Lawyer AbdulMumini J.A. (Rep MOJ) - Member xii. Alh. AbdulRahim Ibrahim (Rep SCA) - Member xiii. Alh.Isa Ahmed (Acad. Staff Rep.) - Member xiv. Alh. Manzuma Mohammed (Registrar) - Secretary

Fourth Government Council: May, 2004-June, 2007. i. Professor Suleiman Muhammed Jamiu - Chairman ii. Alh. Raji Musa Muhammed - Member iii. Alh. Abdulkarim A. Olarewaju - Member iv. Hajia Akanke Shiru - Member v. Alh. Mukadam Muhammad Yusuf - Member vi. Dr. Badmas Lanre Yusuf (Provost) - Member vii. Hajia Z.B Balogun (Rep MOE) - Member viii. Jimoh .A. AbdulMumini (Esq.) (Rep. MOJ) - Member ix. Alj. AbdulRahim Ibrahim (Rep. SCA) - Member x. Dr. Abdus-Sami’iImam Arikewuyo (Acad. Staff Rep) - Member xi. Alh. Manzuma Mohammed (Regitrar) - Secretary

Fifth Governmental Council: June, 2008-June, 2011. i. Alh. Salman Sadiq - Chairman ii. Dr. Abdus-Sami’I Imam Arikewuyo (Provost) - Member iii. Hajia Muslimah Kamaldeen - Member iv. Alh. Hamid Giwa Afolabi Elefo - Member v. Alh. Saani Mohammed - Member vi. Barrister Abdul-Azeez A. Ibraheem - Member vii. Alh. Taiwo Magaji - Member viii. Hajir S.O Gobir - Member ix. Alh. (Hon) Aileru Sulaiman - Member x. Barrister Mas;ud A. Oniye (Rep.. MOJ) - Member xi. Dr. A.K.A Sambo (Acad. Staff Rep.) - Member xii. Alh. AbdulRahim Ibrahim (Rep. SCA) - Member xiii. Alh. Mansuma Mohammed (Registrar) - Secretary

It must however be put on records that the fifth Governing Council had some unprecedented experiences as many changes both natural and official took place.

First of all was the appointment of Mallam Ambali A. Abdullahi as the Ag. Registrar/ Secretary to the Council to replace Alhaji Manzuma Mohammed whose tenure expired on 31st of December, 2008. Mal. Ambali A. Abdullahi therefore assumed duty on 1st of January 2009 accordingly. Malam Ambali appointment as substantive Registrar to effect took from 21st October, 2010. Saka Sulaiman as Representative of Ministry of Justice on Council and Alh. Buhari Mustapha Edun replaced Hajia S.O Gobir as Representative of Ministry if Education, Science and Technology.

Similarly, Dr. A.K.A Sambo was replaced with Dr. A.S.I Omosidi as the Academic Staff Representative on Council. This followed the former’s appointment as a lecturer in Kogi State University, Ayingba.

In another development, the Council lost its Chaurman Alh. Salman Sadiq on 12th February, 2010 following his sudden death. Subsequently, members of the Governing Council unanimously appointed one among themselves, Alh. Hamid Giwa Afolabi Elefo to assume leadership of the Council pending Government’s action on the vaccum. He led the Council between 23rd February, 2010 and 10th March, 2010 until the appointment of a new Council Chairman by the State Government in person of Mr. Abubakar Kola Sadiq. He assumed office on 11th March, 2010.Shortly afterward, the Chairman was deployed to Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin to swerve position with Alhaji A.A Yusuf formerly with College o f Education, Ilorin as the Council Chairman on 4th May, 2010.

It should also be added that the Secretary to the State Government equally had its representative on Council for the first time in the history of the College whereby Alhaji U.K Sidiq was appointed in that capacity on 5th May, 2010. Further to that , the Council in its wisdom co-opted the College Bursar into the Council membership for the first time in the history of the College.

It has to be included that Alhaji Hamid Giwas Afolabi Elefo resigned his appointment before the dissolution of te Fifth Council to contest for election into the State House of Assembly which he eventually won.

Sixth and Current Governing Council. Dr Saadu Ayinla Korogba Alanamu was initially appointed a lone-ranger Council Chairman on 16th March, 2012 while other members were appointed to join him later on 28th May, 2012. i. Dr. Saadu Ayinla Koroagba Alanamu - Chairman ii. Dr. Abdus-Sami’I Imam Arikewuyo (Provost) - Member iii. Alhaji Mahmud Alufanla - Member iv. Alhaji Alfa Suleiman Seko - Member v. Alhaji Baba Olobi Ibrahim - Member vi. Alhaji (Engr.) Bola Ajadi - Member vii. Hajia Bola Sherifat Yekini - Member viii. Alhaji Mustapha Buhari Edun (Rep. MOEHCD/MOTEST) - Member ix. Alhaji U.K Sidiq (Rep. Governor’s Officer) - Member x. Dr. Abdur-Razzaq M.B. Solagberu (Deputy Provost. Academic) - Member xi. Dr. Ya’qub A. Abdullahi (Deputy Provost Academic) - Member xii. Dr. (Mrs.) B.A Amoloye (Acad. Board Rep) - Member xiii. Alhaji Jimoh O. Lawal (SCR) - Member xiv. Mallam Ambali A. Abdullahi (Regsitrar) - Secretary

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