Kwara State College of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies, Ilorin

College Committees

Like every tertiary institution, CAILS adopts committee system which is basically a tool for effective management of both human and material resources of the college. It could also be considered as a mechanism through which delegated responsibilities are been assigned to some group of people with high integrity and competency.

Committee is a forum that consists of intelligent and competent personnel who understand the culture and traditional of the college. There are some matters that have to do with specialization in tertiary institutions which may require professional attention, since no man is an Island of knowledge or wisdom hence, the need for delegation of power to enhance effective decision. Some committees are statutory as they are the creation of an edict which their no- establishment can render invalid some activities or administrative decisions.

The highest policy making body of the College is the Governing Council, appointed by the government. The Academic Board is another policy making organ of the college, with the Provost as the Chairman. The Provost is the Chief Executive who is responsible for the day to day administration of the college in collaboration with other principal officers.

Committees of the College

There are three types of committees which include statutory, management and ad-hoc committees. The edict establishing the college created the statutory Committee with the title, duties, limitations and membership of such committees spelt out the enabling law. Management committees are those created by the college management to take care of some aspects of administration while ad-hoc committees are either established by the Council, the Provost, the Dean or a Head of Departments carry out specific assignments. The efficiency of the committees can be determined by the level of commitment of its members towards the realization of the committee’s term of reference.

Below is a list of the existing College Committees:,/p>

  1. Statutory Committees
    1. The Governing Council
      1. Appointments and Promotions Committee
      2. Finance and General Committee
      3. Tenders Board
    2. Academic Board
    3. Board of Examiners
    4. Curriculum Development Committee<.li>
  2. Management Committees
    1. Library Management Board
    2. Staff Welfare Committee
    3. Students Welfare and Disciplinary Committee
    4. Students Screening Committee
    5. Environmental Sanitation Committee
    6. Sports Management Committee
    7. Research and Study Leave Committee
    8. Central Admissions Committee
    9. Time- Table and Room Usages Committee
    10. Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee
    11. Provost’s Review Panel on Senior Staff Promotions
    12. Security Committee
    13. Mosque Management Committee
    14. Editorial Board, IJOH
    15. CAILS Transport Services Committee
    16. Quality Control Committee
    17. Sallah Get- Together Committee (changed to Hijrah Celebration Committee)
    18. Ramadan Lecture Committee
    19. Business Committee of Academic Board
    20. Dress Code Committee
  3. Ad-hoc Committees
    1. Academic Gown Committee
    2. Magnetic Board and Public Address System Committee
    3. Revenue Monitoring Committee
    4. Revenue Generation Advisory Committee
    5. 20th Year Anniversary General Purposes Committee
    6. 20th Year Anniversary Publication Committee

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